Why choose Bayer
ASPIRIN® 81mg by name?

The Original Low Dose ASA for doctor supervised daily preventative therapy
Bayer researchers were the original creators of low-dose ASA. In 1981, ASPIRIN® 81mg became professionally recognized by Health Canada for doctor supervised daily preventative therapy in Canada, and is currently Canada's #1 recommended low dose ASA.

Bayer Quality
Quality is the hallmark of ASPIRIN® 81mg. Over 100 different tests and quality inspections are made to ensure the purity, strength, uniformity and stability of every product bearing the Bayer Cross.

Bayer continuously invests in research & development around the evolving science – and benefits – of ASA.

Over 110 years of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) experience has made ASPIRIN® from Bayer a name you know.